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Thank you for your interest in professional gun leather built for the combat shooter and for visiting my web site!

Combat means a fight between individuals or groups, therefore combat shooting, as defined by Jeff Cooper, is when you use a firearm in self defense or in the defense of others. I know the term, combat shooter or combat leather, might be politically incorrect for some folks, but that is what I make. Combat Leather!

As an individual that has been involved with military special operations and law enforcement for more than 25 years, I decided to build combat holsters and related leather gear based on my less than favorable assessment of the gear that was available on the civilian market. In my view, much of it was of indifferent quality, expensive and had a decided “mass produced” aspect.

I am a one man shop and have been a leather craftsman for many years. I maintain the strictest quality controls and build to order. My products are presently being used all over the world by Law Enforcement, Military Professionals, and of course civilians.

Here is my philosophy; I will not sell you a piece of leather gear that I would not use for my own personal defense. Period. My gear is unconditionally guaranteed and if after receiving my product, you are dissatisfied in any way with function or quality, send it back for a full refund or exchange. No excuses, no gimmicks, I refuse to compromise and neither should you. All of my products have been fully field tested by multiple professional users in real world environments before being offered to you.

I know that the gear you select can make a difference between life and death. If you are looking for leather gear for non practical type shooting competition, or casual range work, you may be satisfied with “one size fits all” commercial products. If however you need professional combat quality gun leather that you can depend on when it matters most, welcome again to my site.

Before you select or buy any gun leather from me or anyone else, read this letter written by Detective Jay Johnston First !!!

Diligentia Vis Celeritas,

Rafter L - Combat Gun Leather