About Me

Erik Little

My name is Erik Little. I am a retired Deputy Sheriff from a medium sized Sheriff’s Department in the southwestern part of the United States. I served eight years on the SWAT Team, five years as a helicopter pilot, three years on the K9 Unit, and everything else was patrol. I served eight years in the U.S. Marine Corps as a Reconnaissance Marine/8654 with 2nd Recon Bn and 4th Recon Bn. I was an operational Recon Team Leader during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. I am a past Commander for VFW Post 2469.

I grew up on a family owned ranch doing leather work. While working for the Sheriff’s Department, I continued to do leather work as a hobby and to fix my wife's clients’ saddles. I did quite a few floral carved and stamped belts for people as well. Then, some fellow SWAT Team members convinced me to make them holsters. I kind of lost interest for several years because of work schedules, I was tied to a pager. After I got off the adrenaline and had two kids, I resumed my leatherwork. As word spread and my product greatly improved, it became a second job. In 2005, I had my time in for retirement and decided to do the holster thing fulltime. That is pretty much my background in a nut shell.

I am an Associate Member of The American Pistolsmiths Guild.

I am a life member of the Veterans Of Foreign Wars and the Disabled American Veterans.

The late combat holster maker and firearms instructor Bruce Nelson, of Bruce Nelson Combat Leather, was very instrumental and influenced my holster making progress and philosophies. Whenever he was in town, we would discuss leatherwork. I give Bruce all the credit for my attention to detail, basic pattern designs, and motivation to continue this labor. He is missed.

If you are wondering about Rafter-L, that is a family livestock brand.



I would also like to credit my good friend, Colin Frisbie. Colin is a former Reconnaissance Marine and now a computer Guru. Without his artistic abilities, computer skills, professionalism, and attention to detail, this website would not be possible.

Thank you, Colin!