Detective, Dan Royston


During the course of my 20 plus years of both military and law enforcement service, including special operations, I have tried numerous types and configurations of methods to carry my equipment. I use Erik Little’s leather gear exclusively as a Detective, where I carry a full size pistol 10-12 hours a day. I have been using Erik Little’s product’s from the time of his initial prototypes to what he currently offers in his production line. The fit and finish of Erik Little’s leather gear is superb, and I know for a fact he won’t put his name on anything he wouldn’t stake his reputation on, and when it comes to the quality of the product that he sells, he will not compromise.

I use his leather gear in everything from jeans to business attire on a daily basis. The design of the tapered belts gives the appearance of a dress belt, coupled with the performance of a gun belt. The holsters, magazine, and handcuff cases keep everything secure, yet are designed for a fast presentation when the need arises. I trust Erik Little’s designs and craftsmanship to the extent… I’d stake my life on it.

Semper Fi!
Dan Royston